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Preserve the past and make memories for the future ...

For over 30 years, On Tape has been helping our clients preserve the past and make memories for the future.


The power of video allows you to preserve your old, current and future memories in a way that was never possible before. From bringing all your special photo's alive by creating a Photo Montage to converting your old analog video tapes to DVD or converting your old 8mm and 16mm film to video. On Tape can help you make cherished keepsakes that will be appreciated and passed on through the ages.


On Tape's Living Legacy™ Family History video packages allow your family to collaborate and create a truly special family keepsake that the whole family can enjoy and use for years to come. Imagine capturing all those special stories from grandparents, and other family members onto a video that showcases your family through a series of interviews and the melding of old photo's, movies and video that tells the story of your family. What better way to preserve your families history than through the magic of a Living Legacy™ Family History video.


With our in-house state of the art equipment, On Tape can handle any and all of your home video needs. That truly is the power of video!

Mem-o-ry (noun) - something remembered from the past; a recollection ...

Photo Montages

Photo montages or video photo albums allow you to relive those special moments in your life over and over again through the magic of video tape. Your photos set to music and edited together to tell a story that is both powerful and emotional. These tapes can be used t Wedding receptions, Birthday parties, Anniversaries or as a special gift to that special person.


On Tape Video takes the utmost care to edit together a photo montage that suits the needs of each of our clients. We transfer all photo's to digital masters to preserve the quality and clarity of the photographs throughout the process.


Services included are:


- Transfer of photographs to a digital master

- Special handling of photographs

     - Minimal amount of touches to each photo

- Client's choice of musical selections

- Professional editing of each montage

     - Create that 'storybook' image

- Special effects and titling

- Any additional inclusions such as video inserts and old movie inserts

- FedEx shipping for orders in other cities, states or countries


Photo montages

Film-to-Tape Transfer

Remember those days before video tape? I know it's hard to do but...


Most of us can still remember those days when 8mm or 16mm film was the way to capture your family memories. From Weddings to Birthdays to those special holidays. It's time to dust off that old box that you've had sitting in the back of a closet somewhere at home and pull out those old movies and preserve them on video. What most people don't know is that film has a shelf life. After many years film begins to degrade and break apart. Now is the time to preserve those old special memories on to video. Video tape allows you the chance to relive all of those special moments again and again without the fear of your old film degrading to the point that it is unwatchable. Plus video allows you to add sound and music to those old movies that use to be silent in the past.


On Tape Video provides you a chance to save all of those old memories on to video at an affordable rate.


Services included are:


- Transfer of 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm to VHS or S-VHS

- Use of S-VHS camera and professional multiplexor to capture the greatest clarity and detail from all films

- Inclusion of 1 master title

- Tasteful instrumental music throughout the tape

     - You may also request your own songs

- Quick turnaround time

     - All work is done in-house

- FedEx shipping for orders in other cities, states or countries

- Additional editing provided at an additional per hour charge


What are you waiting for? Pull out that box and let On Tape Video help you to preserve all those special memories on video before it's to late for your film! Please call our offices or e-mail us for further information and pricing.


Please contact us for more details and pricing.



On Tape offers countless options and services for any type of media duplication. Using reliable, state-of-the-art equipment we can process your duplication and replication needs filling any size order from one to one million. Our equipment and employees offer exceptionally fast turnaround times on all projects, and some within 24/48 hours. Offering finishing touches like high quality labeling and a variety of packaging options, On Tape can customize your order from conception to completion.


On Tape Video provides full editing, conversion and duplication from the most popular formats:


- Film

  - 8mm

  - Super 8mm

  - 16mm


- Analog

  - 1/2"

  - 3/4"

  - S-VHS

  - VHS

  - Beta-SP

  - 8mm

  - Hi8


- Digital

  - HDV

  - DV

  - DV-Cam

  - DVD

  - VideoCD

  - CD-R

  - HD-DVD

  - Blu-Ray Disc



*On Tape also provides multiple country format conversion to and from NTSC, PAL, SECAM


Please contact us for more details and competitive pricing on any size duplication order.



Living Legacy

Most people over the years hear the stories of their family history passed on from one generation to another. How many of us can recall those stories today? Sometimes it is hard to recall the stories shared with us by parents and grandparents. Memories tend to fade away. These stories may influence or inspire the upcoming generation.


Family History video's are customized video tapes highlighting family memories, pictures, movies and experiences into a family album, or a legacy of experiences told by the person/persons who have lived them. Family stories kept alive on videotape to be shared with future generations. And in cases with Alzheimer's patients a chance to capture that persons memories and personality before they fade away.


Everyone has a story to tell. Some would rival any Hollywood script, while others would follow a simpler script. Some stories we can all relate to while others could have been from a page in Ripley's Believe It or Not. All these stories are important!


Our standard package includes:


- Initial consultation

- Outline of questions to be asked during the interview(s)

- Customized scripting

- Interviewer to assist you in the telling of your story

- Personal interview at your home or in our studio

- 2 hours of taping

- Professional cameraman and wireless microphone

- Inclusion of old photo's and memorabilia

- Professional editing with titles and music

- Packages that are customized to meet each individuals needs

- FedEx shipping for orders in other cities, states or countries


Don't wait until the past has faded to a forgotten memory. Preserve the past today on video! For more information on a Living Legacy Family History video for you and your family please call our offices or simply e-mail us and we'd be happy to discuss your individual needs.

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