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The power of video ...


Humans are visual creatures. It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words ... and if that theory holds true then a video must be worth a million words.


For video to hold true to that theory it muse capture the viewers eye and their attention!


More and more, we are finding that our lives are in constant motion. So many messages to communicate and so little time to do it in. If video is truly worth a million words, it must create impact with the viewer and effectively communicate your message with perfect clarity.


As veterans in the business, with over 30 years of experience as well as by our clients' testimony, On Tape has time-and-again, made the difference in producing a quality product which effectively communicates our clients message with clarity and impact. That is the power of video! Let us help you get your message across ...

Effective, high-impact video, every time!


Motion Graphics/Animation

CD/DVD Authoring

On Tape video is fully equipped to meet the production, editing and conversion needs of your company or corporation. Listed below are just a few of the services we have to offer:


Product/Business Promotion Tapes

Promotion tapes are a great marketing tool when used to promote products or services. Charts, graphs, photos and musical backgrounds may be incorporated into your tape for added impact.


Real Estate Listing

Our full color videotapes are shot on location. For real estate agents, videotapes provide an easy and effective means for clients to preview listings. Just think of the valuable agent/client time that will be saved! Videotaping also adds a safety factor in that it helps to control the 'lookee-loo' traffic.


Training Films

Videotaped training films are invaluable learning aids. They are versatile too, and may be used for groups of all sizes in central or remote locations.


Seminars & Corporate Presentations

Make a presentation once, we can record, edit and produce to your desired media type for unlimited viewing!


Legal Depositions

Videotaping offers an effective means to record legal depositions, additions to wills, courtroom testimony and may be used in legal investigation work.

On Tape Video Productions also provides full-service multimedia design for digital video production. We provide comprehensive services for your interactive projects. We specialize in top-quality multimedia production and design by award-winning professionals. From art direction, graphic design, motion graphics and flash animation to film and digital video, streaming video, web casting and Quicktime VR, we do it all!


Breathe life into your corporate identity or logos. Make your products come to life. The possibilities are endless. The use of motion graphics brings a whole new dimension to your production. From commercials, to sales and marketing projects, quality motion graphics bring a strong visual dynamic to your project that both catches the eye of your viewer but also creates strong brand recognition.


On Tape Video Productions is rich in creative ideas and a leader in cutting-edge technology for multimedia production.


Give us your ideas and we will help you bring them to life!


For further information on how On Tape Video Productions can help you with your motion graphics needs, please fill out a Service Request form and someone will be in contact with you within one day of your request.

Creating the best CD or DVD master for duplication takes a combination of not only the best state-of-the-art technologies but attention to details and a creative spirit. Not only must the content be accurate to play right, but today's viewers are exposed to high quality graphics and creative programming that have consistently raised their expectations of what an interactive CD or DVD should be.


Therefore, you need a talented team to create or author your CD or DVD program master. On Tape employs' state-of-the-art electronics with some of the best creative bodies in the industry. We can help you with any part of your project from concept to completion and all on a budget!


We can combine your video and word documents to create interactive multimedia disks that communicate, inform and involve the user of your programs. Our team has been using and creating interactive media for CDs and DVDs for over 27 years.


DVDs and interactive CDs are becoming increasingly popular for everyday uses. Let On Tape help you bring the best out of your production by melding it with truly exciting and involving interactive graphics and menus that visually excite and draw your viewer in!


Click here to contact us for authoring services




On Tape offers countless options and service for any type of media duplication. Using reliable, state-of-the-art equipment we can process your duplication and replication needs filling any size order from one to one million. Our equipment and employees offer exceptionally fast turnaround times on all projects, some within 24/48 hours. Offering finishing touches like high quality labeling and a variety of packaging options, On Tape can customize your order from conception to completion.


On Tape Video provides full editing, conversion and duplication from the most popular formats:





super 8

















On Tape also provides multiple country format conversion to and from NTSC, PAL & SECAM.


Please contact us for more details and competitive pricing on any size duplication order.

Today, internet video is increasingly becoming a part of every website and our everyday lives. In business this means that you can advertise your commercials and products 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from your own website or even multiple external websites. It's an easy and cost-effective way to get your message across to a massive audience. You can also stream videos on your intranet for training, sales or marketing purposes. The possibilities are endless.


On the personal side, with the recent addition of sites such as YouTube and MySpce you have the ability to share your videos with a nyone and everyone that has an internet connection.


Let On Tape help you stream your video to the internet! We utilize the latest compression technologies and can get your video into a streamable file in QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Real Media or Flash.


Please contact us for details and pricing information.



- AirBarge Company

- Ascension Lutheran Church

- AstraZeneca/AstraTech Inc.

- Bagget, Mitchell & Strategos

- Baker, Burton & Lundy

- Bali Management

- Beverley Law Corporation

- BioCOPE Inc.

- Boston Scientific

- Bottled Blond

- Boys & Girls Club of LA

- CenterOak Properties LLC

- Center Stage Dance Academy

- CFI Inc.

- Cisco

- City of Torrance

- Colich Construction

- Compass Airside Solutions

- Cross Chiropractic

- Cutcliffe Consulting

- Dr. Darlene Skorka

- Dr. David M Duffy

- Dr. Marian Wymore

- Dynamic Research

- Edelbrock Corporation

- EMC Inc.

- EValues

- Fastbreak Entertainment

- Gerber Ambulance Service

- Goldberg & Gille

- Good Company

- Grey Eyes Media

- Hahn & Bowerstock

- Hall & Martin Inc.

- Hennessey's Resteraunts

- Hewlett Packard

- Holistic Health

- Hooks & Associates

- ING US Financial Services

- International Events

- JEM Entertainment

- Journey Covenant Church

- Kenshin Trading Corporation

- Kepner Plastics

- KopyJet/KopyKake Inc.

- Law Offices of Anita L. Olp

- Law Offices of Werner R. Meissner

- Law Offices of Manes & Watson

- Law Offices of Masry & Vititoe

- Law Offices of McNulty & Saacke

- Law Offices of Robert M. Baskin

- Long Beach Day Nursery

- LA Maritime Museum

- LTK Consulting LLC

- Manmade Multimedia

- South High - Torrance Unified School District

- Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church

- Marymount College - Rancho Palos Verdes

- Medical Compliance Management

- Merrill Lynch

- MOCA Inc.

- Murad Inc.

- Norris Theater

- NGK-Locke Inc.

- Office of Disaster Management, Area G

- On Site Health Screening Inc.

- Outlet Malls of Colorado

- Palos Verdes Assembly

- Palos Verdes Concours d'Elegance

- Paseo Colorado Mall

- Pediatric Therapy Network

- Pelican Products Corporation

- Pinkerton

- Power Automotive Group - AutoNation Inc.

- PRI Research and Development

- Palos Verdes Intermediate School PTA

- ReMax Realty

- Richwood Industries

- Ronald Greene DDS

- Royal Pacific Occasions Inc.

- Royal Romance

- SAIC - Science Applications International

- Sanrio Inc.

- Showcase Advertising

- Solutions Toy Innovation

- South Bay Conservatory

- STC BioTech

- Superior Court of LA

- The Christopher Howard Companies

- The City of Gardena

- The Dow Chemical Company

- The International Dermal Institute

- The Wellness Community

- Total Gizmo LLC

- Torrance Memorial Medical Center

- Torrance Steel Window Company Inc.

- Tri-Marine

- Undersea Graphics Inc.

- Universal Aqua Technologies


- West Basin Municipal Water District

- Why Weight?

- White & Day Mortuary

- Wicks Inc.

- Young Artist Peninsula Music Festival

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